Choosing A Wig – Dispelling The Wig Myths

Choosing A Wig – Dispelling The Wig Myths

Despite revolutionary alterations in the wig industry and in the manner wigs feel and look, many misconceptions about wigs persist. Listed here are a couple of of the very most misguided beliefs.

MYTH #1: Wigs are hot, itchy and uncomfortable.

Not the case. Innovations in wig design have led to wigs which are lighter and much more comfortable than in the past – with lots of today's wigs weighing 2 oz. or fewer. Thinner wefts (fabric that fibers are stitched) and lighter cap construction enables for greater air flow. New lightweight wig fiber like WhisperLite® is softer and finer, leading to a level lighter feel and look. Other wig features provide additional comfort, like velvet bands for additional gentleness. Many wigs can be found in sizes, which helps to ensure that the wig will stay easily and safely in position.

MYTH #2: Real hair wigs be more effective because they are natural.

Among the greatest misconceptions about wigs is the fact that 100% real hair wigs could be more natural searching than synthetic wigs. A lot of women fear that “synthetic” wigs will appear synthetic. This isn't true! Each kind of wig features its own unique benefits.

Synthetic wigs come prestyled, and therefore are the simplest to look after. Because of this, synthetic styles are most frequently suggested by stylists to clients receiving care. Synthetic wigs offer a number of comfort features, including non-slip linings, lightweight fiber and multiple sizes for any secure fit.

Real hair wigs, while handier, aren't prestyled and for that reason want more work. Unlike synthetic styles, these wigs could be heat-styled. They have a tendency to weigh a little more, and frequently require some trimming and personalization.

MYTH #3: Wigs can damage the scalp and slow natural hair regrowth.

Not the case. Putting on a wig won't harm the scalp or hinder regrowth. A lot of women decide to put on a wig since it can enhance their mood and self-confidence. Other advantages of wig putting on include helping maintain body heat and stopping overexposure of sensitive skin towards the elements.